Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9 - 2nd Week Elimination

The second week elimination at Bigg Boss house was scheduled on 9th October at sunday’s episode. With 9 contestants nominated including captain Aryavardhan Guruji, the voting results revealed that the popular movie reviewer Nawaz was eliminated. With a tie between Roopesh Rajanna and Nawaz, Roopesh Rajanna escaped from the elimination and stepped into the third week. The 9 contestants in the elimination zone were Aryavardhan, Amulya Gowda, Darsh Chandrappa, Prashanth Sambargi, Nawaz, Deepika Das, Neha Gowda, and Roopesh Rajanna.

During the nomination process many contestants nominated Nawaz reasoning that he isn’t active in the home nor he as the enthusiasm to participate in the tasks. Neither than the statements given by the contestants pointing towards Nawaz, he himself said to Kiccha Sudeep that he didn’t get a chance to participate in the tasks and due to that he couldnt showcase his talents and that might be the reason for his eviction from the Bigg Boss house. While Kiccha Sudeep was addressing Nawaz, he requested Kiccha Sudeep to say his fathers name as his dads dreams was to hear his name from big celebrities. Moving forward, Nawaz was so thankful and greatful for the way some contestants in the Bigg Boss house changed his life opinions and teached him how to seek in life. He further referred that Arun Sagar was his insipiration and will never forget his lessons what was taught to him.

Nawaz thanked Bigg Boss and Kiccha Sudeep for giving him this beautiful experience that brought a major change in his life. Further, Kiccha Sudeep asked him to follow the lessons that he learnt here so that it brings him enoromous success and prosperity in his life. Nawaz was given the choice to pick one of the remaining contestants and send them straight to next week’s eliminations. The Movie Reviewer/YouTuber picked Amulya Gowda for straight elimination for next week. During the conversation with Sudeep, Nawaz shared that Rakesh Adiga, Arun Sagar, and Roopesh Shetty currently held the best chance to win the competition.

Bigg Boss 9 Contestants list and Elimination Status

S.NoNamesAgeProfessionPopular fromStatus
1.Rakesh Adiga36ActorBigg Boss OTT Kannada (Season 1)Competing
2. Roopesh Shetty31ActorBigg Boss OTT Kannada (Season 1)Competing
3.Aryavardhan Guruji44NumerlogistBigg Boss OTT Kannada (Season 1)Competing
4. Sanya Iyer24Serial ActressBigg Boss OTT Kannada (Season 1) & Putta Gowri Maduve (Kannada Serial)Competing
5. Kavyashree Gowda26Serial ActressMangala Gowri Maduve (Kannada Serial)Competing
6.Neha Gowda30Serial ActressLakshmi Baramma (Kannada Serial) & Raja Rani Season 1(Reality Show) Competing
7.Nawaz20Movie ReviewerReviewing Movies in Youtube Eliminated
(2nd week)
8.Rupesh RajannaKannada ActivistSocial WorkerCompeting
9.Darsh Chandrappa28ActorSeetha Vallabha (Kannada Serial), Model, EntrepreneurCompeting
10.Aishwarya Pissay27Motorcycle RacerMotorsports AthleteEliminated
(1st Week)
11.Divya Uruduga31ActressBigg Boss Kannada 8Competing
12.Prashanth Sambargi42Media PersonalityBigg Boss Kannada 8Competing
13.Mayuri Kyatari27ActressAshwini Nakshatra (Kannada Serial) & Krishnaleela (Kannada Movie)Competing
14.Vinod GobbaragalaReality Show contestant & Comedian ActorGicchi Giligili (Reality Show) Competing
15.Amulya Gowda29Serial ActressKamaliCompeting
16.Deepika Das29Serial ActressNaagini (Kannada Serial), Bigg Boss Kannada 7Competing
17.Anupama Gowda31Serial Actress & HostAkka (Kannada Serial), Bigg Boss Kannada 5Competing
18.Arun Sagar56ActorBigg Boss Kannada 1Competing

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