BBK Season 9: Darsh Chandrappa Heated Argument With Prashanth Sambargi

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9 first episode was telecasted on 26th September on Monday at 9:30pm. While all were assuming the first episode to be normal and peaceful but indeed there was a high drama and heated arguement between Darsh Chandrappa and Prashanth Sambargi. But before this, there was an arguement going on between Aryavardhan Guruji and Prashanth Sambargi regarding the numerological science, where Prashanth kept on accusing that numerological sayings were fake and Aryavardhan is not his original name and was indeed forcing Aryavardhan to accept it.

And that’s when Darsh Chandrappa stepped into arguement accussing Prashanth Sambargi of character assassinating Divya Uruduga before the media. Darsh aforesaid that Prashanth Sambargi is not a man to rely on as he spoke ill about Divya Uruduga in many interviews with media after Bigg Boss Kannada season 8. Prashanth himself who stated mentioning Divya Uruduga as his beloved sister in BBK 8 but after the reality show he started speaking ill about her in most of the interviews. Darsh supported his statement by stating that he himself has come across such video clips and trolls during lockdown. However, Prashanth Sambargi denied this to Darsh and mentioned that he has never misrepresented Divya Uruduga before anyone and walked away from the conversation.

But when Darsh questioned Divya Uruduga about the same, she accepted that she is aware of Prashanth Sambargi’s interview and his opinion of her. Not just Divya Uruduga, a few other housemates also agreed with Darsh. But inspite of all this arguements, Prashanth Sambargi was not at all ready to accept Darsh accussations on him but instead stated that there is a difference between pretending to be nice in front of them and bad-mouthing the same person elsewhere.

This is when Darsh won the arguement by mentioning Prashanth that “Its easy to note other mistakes, accuse them and forcefully make them to accept it, but when it comes to your faults, You just walk away. So this what is called as your ethics?”. As the arguement had come to an end, Darsh had got an negative impression from his fellow contestants in the house for creating such an chaotic environment on the first day itself. What do you think about Darsh accussations?

Bigg Boss 9 Contestants list and their Bio/Status

S.NoNamesAgeProfessionPopular fromStatus
1.Rakesh Adiga36ActorBigg Boss OTT Kannada (Season 1)Competing
2. Roopesh Shetty31ActorBigg Boss OTT Kannada (Season 1)Competing
3.Aryavardhan Guruji44NumerlogistBigg Boss OTT Kannada (Season 1)Competing
4. Sanya Iyer24Serial ActressBigg Boss OTT Kannada (Season 1) & Putta Gowri Maduve (Kannada Serial)Competing
5. Kavyashree Gowda26Serial ActressMangala Gowri Maduve (Kannada Serial)Competing
6.Neha Gowda30Serial ActressLakshmi Baramma (Kannada Serial) & Raja Rani Season 1(Reality Show) Competing
7.Nawaz20Movie ReviewerReviewing Movies in Youtube Eliminated
(2nd week)
8.Rupesh RajannaKannada ActivistSocial WorkerCompeting
9.Darsh Chandrappa28ActorSeetha Vallabha (Kannada Serial), Model, EntrepreneurCompeting
10.Aishwarya Pissay27Motorcycle RacerMotorsports AthleteEliminated
(1st Week)
11.Divya Uruduga31ActressBigg Boss Kannada 8Competing
12.Prashanth Sambargi42Media PersonalityBigg Boss Kannada 8Competing
13.Mayuri Kyatari27ActressAshwini Nakshatra (Kannada Serial) & Krishnaleela (Kannada Movie)Competing
14.Vinod GobbaragalaReality Show contestant & Comedian ActorGicchi Giligili (Reality Show) Competing
15.Amulya Gowda29Serial ActressKamaliCompeting
16.Deepika Das29Serial ActressNaagini (Kannada Serial), Bigg Boss Kannada 7Competing
17.Anupama Gowda31Serial Actress & HostAkka (Kannada Serial), Bigg Boss Kannada 5Competing
18.Arun Sagar56ActorBigg Boss Kannada 1Competing

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