Pawan Kalyan's Bheemla Nayak Box office collection becomes slower

Pawan Kalyan as well as Rana Dagubbati’s battle, Bheemla Nayak dropped 87 percent in its first week on the Indian film box-office, earning only 14.50 crores approximately, and totaling approximately 125 crores in the 14 days that it ran up to the end of. Pawan Kalyan’s film did very well during its initial six days but when the holiday season ended the film was a huge drop on Thursday and did not gain momentum in the second weekend. Due to the launch of Radhe Shyam will BN (Bheemla Nayak) see an enormous drop in the show, and the film won’t add much to its value from here on out and it’s almost over.

The box office earnings from Bheemla Nayak’s Indian box office is as below:

The first week of the month amounted to 110.50 crores

2nd of Friday – 2.25 crores

2nd of Saturday – 2.80 crores

2nd of Sunday – 3.80 crores

2nd of Monday – 1.75 crores

2nd of Tuesday – 1.60 crores

2nd of Wednesday – 1.20 crores

2nd of Thursday – 1.10 crores

The total amount is Rs. 125 crores  

Following the first weekend, I felt that the film could easily surpass the mark of Rs. 30 crores of shares within Nizam And Coastal Andhra however, at the close of two weeks it’s still far short of the amount required. There are some changes made to the share of the second week most notably in Nizam however, it could be able to add the amount of Rs. 50-100 lakhs to the total, and that’s pretty much it. The total share of Telugu states is around Rs. 65 crores over two weeks compared to the cost of Rs. 84 crores. The film is scheduled to launch digitally on Aha by the close at the end of this month.

The breakdown of the territory of Bheemla Nayak at the Indian box office is as the following:

In the Nizam – 47.20 crores (Share – 27 crores)

Ceeded – 15.60 crores (Share – 10.80 crores)

Andhrapradesh – 48.80 crores (share – 28.60 crores)

AP/TS – 111.60 crores (Share – 66.40 crores)  

Karnataka – 9.90 crores (Share – 4.90 crores share)

North India – 2.10 crores (Share – 90 lakhs)

Tamil Nadu & Kerala – 1.40 crores (Share – 50 lakh)

India approx – 125 crores (Share – 72.70 crores)  

The film also earned approx $3.55 million (27 crores in rupees) around the world, for worldwide earnings of rupees approximately 152 crores. the equivalent of Rs. 86 crores as a share.