Shivanna becomes Brand Ambassador for UATHAYAM for Karnataka

Over the last three generations, Uathayam has been manufacturing various innovative types made of Cotton as well as Silk Dhotis and Shirts. In love with creating Dhoti the next fashion trend in the nation.

Uathayam is constantly transforming traditional white dhotis and shirt designs by creating innovative concepts and designs that appeal to the desires and imagination of the younger generation of customers. Uathayam is proud of being a 100 percent Made in India brand with the majority of its materials sourced locally and showcasing the exceptional workmanship of our weavers throughout the country. The brand is well-known and a favorite across all five southern states of India. The brand constantly asserts its authority over traditional fashion by creating innovative products suitable for the latest markets.

With the aim of making a case for the dhoti to be worn for wedding ceremonies, The brand has created various trendy dhoti and shirt styles for males of Karnataka.

Uathayam Dhotis as well as Shirts is delighted to announce a partnership in collaboration with one of the top and most well-known actors in Kannada and a cult figure of Karnataka Dr. Shiva Rajkumar (Shivanna). The association with such an ebullient multi-faceted, versatile, and grounded character will be a change for the brand in Karnataka.

“We are incredibly happy to work with Dr. Shiva Rajkumar, a legend both on and offscreen. Shivanna’s character shines through in a combination of being active genuine, honest, and uncompromising, all with a positive outlook on life. This is a perfect fit for our brand’s values. He has been a beacon of light to millions of Kannadigas all over the world through his long, prolific, and varied career. Beyond his long-standing showbiz career, He is a man with true human values and an outstanding charitable person who has made a difference to society. He’s not just an actor, but also an inspiration for many. With him on board, we are confident of strengthening the brand further.”

Dhotis in addition to being an ancient Indian costume also serves as an image of status as well as character and culture. The modest yet classy Dhoti is now a popular fashion across the country. What was once thought to be traditional clothes for the home is now appreciated and accepted in all in everything from traditional celebrations and celebrations to corporate and public occasions. Today Dhotis have earned themselves their place in the hearts of everyone among the ordinary people to famous individuals across a variety of industries.

I’ve made a point of setting a very high standard for myself in all I do. Being associated with a Swadeshi brand such as Uathayam as an ambassador of the brand is so extra special, and Uathayam represents my outlook. For me, Uathayam serves as a source of inspiration, more than a clothing company. It promotes the craft of weavers from all over the country and directly contributes to the wellbeing and well-being of numerous weavers and their families. Uathayam has proven that simple can be stylish, well-received, and cherished. It brings me immense joy to discover that the company has broken the barriers of fashion and succeeded in reviving our traditional dhotis that are loved by young people.

I’m looking forward to helping define the meaning of tradition and passing it to the Next Generation of males.

The present Uthayam is making the basic and simple dhoti a style.

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