Sivakarthikeyan's Don Movie Box office collects 50 crores in the second weekend

Don Movie Box office earnings are solid during the second weekend of the Indian box office. The Sivakartikeyan-directed film remained in the black on the second day starting on Thursday but recorded an impressive 70 percent increase on Saturday. The film has made an estimated Rs. 10 crores in just two days. It is currently scheduled towards around Rs. 17 crores in the two weekends, which is a fantastic reduction of 50% from the first weekend. The box office totals of the film in India are around Rs. 62.30 crores, which is approximately up to Saturday. They will be close to 70 crores by the time Sunday rolls around. 70 crores at the end of Sunday. These impressive numbers were anticipated due to the fact that the film made money during the week in addition to Tamil Nadu being a weekend market, it does better during weekends.

The box office profits for Don at the Indian box office areas are in the following order:

Week One – Rs. 52.25 crores

2nd Friday – Rs. 3.75 crores

2nd Saturday – Rs. 6.30 crores

Total – Rs. 62.30 crores

It also went over the threshold of Rs. 50 million in Tamil Nadu on Saturday as it grossed an amount of Rs. 5.25 crores or so yesterday. The film after its initial weekend has done better than the RRR film in Tamil Nadu, which went to make around Rs. 80 crores for the state, following a loss of Rs. 61 crores in ten days. Don may be lower after ten days, most likely at or around Rs. 59 crores. However, if you consider that it has held up better than RRR and should easily reach the amount of Rs. 80 crore mark, and has an excellent chance of reaching more than Rs. 90 crores, depending on how long it lasts after Vikram’s release. Vikram in the fourth week of.

The breakdown of the territories for Indian box office earnings Don is as follows:

Tamil Nadu – Rs. 52 crores

AP/TS – Rs. 5 crores

Karnataka – Rs. 4 crores

Kerala – Rs. 80 lakhs

Rest of India – Rs. 50 lakhs

Total – Rs. 62.30 crores

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