RRR Box Office: Opening Day hits Rs. 20 Crore in the Hindi language

SS Rajamouli’s long-awaited epic, RRR fronted by Jr NTR and Ram Charan, has taken an excellent beginning in the box office with the number of people who are interested growing by leaps and bounds with each passing show. The reaction to advance booking was an average response, however, the bookings on the spot have increased in a significant way, giving the film the chance of even a 20-crore opening day, provided that the volume of sales is more than average in the evening and evening shows.

A few days ago the film was running at an opening about the 14 crore mark. However, when the crowd poured out in large numbers at the time of its release and it’s surpassed all expectations. The positive feedback from the audiences from the first shows has only boosted the walk-ins even more because there is no better method of advertising in the present age than the feedback. Single screens in the country have been able to maintain a solid attendance that began in the 40 percent range for the noon show and then increased to 60 percent by the time matinees are scheduled, and is expected to increase more for the evening and nighttime shows.

The number of multiplexes operating is also on the rise and this is evident in the optimism among cine moviegoers initially. Although the actual occupancy for the evening and nighttime shows will present a more clear picture of the day’s biz, however, there is a high chance of films netting an opening day net within the range of 16-19 crore. The most renowned chain of national Hindi belts PVR has raked in approximately the sum of 2.25 crore as of 3.30 after which, as of the end of the day, it had surpassed the entire day’s total for Gangubai (Rs 2.48 crore approx) in the chain.

PVR is expected to be closed in the range of Rs 3.30 to 3.60 crore mark on the first day. However, we’re waiting for updates on the two other chains. It could be more than this, based on the final walk-ins at national chains as well as single screens. In essence, the film will finish up performing 40-45 percent better than Gangubai on the national chains. It is already doing better than the Alia Bhatt film on single screens, too. These figures are also better than the previous week’s release, Bachchhan Paandey across the belt, be it one screen or multiplexes. In the case of Bachchan Pandey, which opened at about Rs 12.25 crore, the PVR chain had contributed around Rs 2.31 crore on the first day This figure was already surpassed by RRR at 3:45 pm. Both the 2D and 3D versions are gaining momentum 50% occupancy. 50 percent in the majority of locations, and it is expected to increase even higher in the evening post 7 show at 7 pm.

The number of reservations for night and evening shows of RRR is positive and it’s this which offers the film the possibility of moving past the 20-crore mark. We’ll have to wait and find out what the night and evening performances go for RRR. The 16 crore mark is guaranteed from now on, and it is to be seen what the final numbers will be. Keep an eye on Movies Traffic for more updates on RRR.

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